Media & promotions toolkit

Film camera

Media the CRISP attracts frequent coverage, which helps groups fundraise and find members.

We’ve written some media tips and this draft article that you can tailor and submit to your local paper (who can use the program photos). Please ensure you have meaningful consent from participants and let us know about upcoming media, so that we can notify the Department of Home Affairs.


Here are some photos from the program that you can download and use to add interest to your creations.

A selection of photos

Social media use our Instagram reels or square tiles; or create your own with this Canva template.

Social tiles

Use the CRSA flyer to explain the program or create your own version with this Canva flyer template . Try the Officeworks community program for free or low cost printing!


Use our powerpoint presentation to introduce the program and your group to local businesses and other interested organisations.

Welcome slide

Events groups hold events from kitchen table catchups to fundraisers. CRSA slideshow are available for your use.

Introduce your group while most people are very supportive, it’s important to clearly outline who you are and what you are doing. We’ve created templates to help you explain the CRISP and your group: CRISP introduction letter | Community noticeboard letter | Group intro events

Film recommendations

 To accompany your event, you might consider holding a screening of one of the below films that speak to the heart. 

humamKIND, with a 30 minute run time,  gives a clear and engaging snapshot into the life of a Community Supporter Group under the CRISP.

In 2022, members of the Wonthaggi community came together to welcome a refugee family from Syria under Australia’s new community sponsorship program. This beautiful short movie by director Sal Balharrie follows the group’s journey as they prepare for the Ali family’s arrival and welcome them into the local community.

Peace by Chocolate – starting over is bittersweet.

After the bombing of his father’s chocolate factory, a charming young Syrian refugee struggles to settle into his new Canadian small-town life, caught between following his dream to become a doctor and preserving his family’s chocolate-making legacy.

Based on the incredible internationally recognised true story.


The Old Oak is a special place. Not only is it the last pub standing, but it’s also the only remaining public space where people can meet in a once thriving mining community.

TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) the landlord hangs on to the place by his fingertips, and his predicament is endangered even more when the pub becomes contested territory after the arrival of Syrian refugees who are placed in the village without any notice. In an unlikely friendship TJ meets a curious young Syrian Yara (Ebla Mari) with her camera.

One Life tells the inspiring true story of Sir Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Winton (Sir Anthony Hopkins), whose unsung endeavours on the eve of World War II saved more than 600 children from their doom at the hands of the Nazis. Nicky considered himself a banker, not a humanitarian. Yet when he visited a recently annexed Prague in 1938 and saw the state of the fleeing Jewish refugees, he did what he believed was the right thing to do – the thing that anyone would do – and dedicated himself to the cause. 

CommuniTEA: for those who have an appetite for connection

The CRSA team would love your help to mobilise more kind and compassionate everyday Australians, like yourself, to put up their hands and help refugees through the CRISP.

Why not host a ‘CommuniTEA’?

All you need to do is set a date and gather your guests around a table to share in some conversation. We’ve got all the other information and tools you need to plan a successful supper or coffee date.

Using our brand

You are welcome to include the words “We are an approved Community Supporter Group (CSG) participating in the CRISP facilitated by Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia. The CRISP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.” accompanied by our logo and a link to the CRSA website (where possible) as a note in your communications. Please get in touch via if you have any questions about using the brand.

Using Canva

Canva is a free, online tool that people who aren’t designers and don’t have any special skills can use to create images and documents that look properly designed. The first time you use Canva, you’ll need to create an account – it’s free and you just need to use your email address. The first page of our templates outlines how to make edits and download your finished design.

Tax deductible donations

Don’t forget, if you fundraise via the Shout for Good platform, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.  Contact Sophie for more:

Feedback & ideas

Please do let us know what you think and share anything you’ve created! (email




The CRISP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.