A new way for Australians to say 'Welcome!'

Australia has a proud tradition of offering refugees the chance to rebuild their lives in safety throughout their resettlement.

Community sponsorship of refugees is a way to unlock the goodwill of ordinary Australians to help refugees successfully settle and integrate into their new local communities and supplement the government-led resettlement program.

Why is community sponsorship important?

The global refugee crisis is now at a scale never seen before and countries all around the world, including Australia, need to do more to respond.

We believe that many members of the Australian community would like to do more to help the world’s refugees and it’s time to give them an opportunity to do just that!

We know from talking to people in cities and towns all across Australia that there are many people who are willing to provide financial, emotional and resettlement support to help improve and expand our national response to the refugee situation.

Community sponsorship of refugees is a growing global phenomenon which harnesses the energy, compassion, resources and networks of local volunteer groups, who are trained and supported to provide holistic settlement support to refugee newcomers.

The problem

Millions of people have been forcibly displaced

Why is Community sponsorship important?

Globally, 80 million people are now forcibly displaced – including more than 26 million refugees. We need countries like Australia to step up and support these people

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The Solution

We actively welcome these people into our community

It’s time for Australia to join the movement!

We know that Australians have big hearts, and welcome people from all over the globe. We’re working towards creating a system that allows that generosity to be put to work, and welcomes refugees into our communities in tangible and practical ways.

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Community Sponsorship: A Growing Global Movement

Community refugee sponsorship has been working successfully in Canada for more than 40 years. Ordinary community members in Canada have sponsored and welcomed more than 325,000 refugees since the late 1970s. This number is in addition to those entering under the government-funded resettlement program.

The practice is now spreading around the world with countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and Argentina all having established community sponsorship schemes or pilot programs. The United States is likely to have a new program soon.


Which countries have sponsorship programs?

The map below highlights the countries which currently have community sponsorship schemes in place.


You can help make a difference.

Join the movement to welcome refugees into your local community.

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