Some of the many organisations that have supported us over the years.

Supporting Community Organisations

Be part of a growing global movement

Whether it’s a club, school, faith organisation or sporting group, your organisation can become a Supporting Community Organisation (SCO) and participate in the community sponsorship movement. Help us promote the CRISP or encourage groups to form among your communities.

An SCO can:

  • Give members a meaningful, practical and rewarding way to respond to the global refugee crisis
  • Give members an opportunity to provide refugees a warm and personal welcome
  • Provide opportunities for network building, promoting diversity, inclusion and social cohesion
  • Energise members and others via a meaningful and rewarding volunteering opportunity
  • Grow and diversify your local community and enhance engagement
  • Provide employees with opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Be recognised as an SCO on our website and in other materials and connect with other SCOs
  • Find new ways of applying any existing knowledge and expertise you may have in supporting refugees and migrants in your community


Please contact to express your interest and with any questions.


CRSA will regularly evaluate the program and collect feedback from SCOs to ensure that the program is meeting its objectives and identify areas for improvement. Your feedback is always welcome!

Promotional resources


You can promote the CRISP by:


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Where is the program active?

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The CRISP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.