Join our list of Supporting Community Organisations

  • Save the children
  • Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association
  • Stand Up
  • Catholic Care Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains
  • Forcibly Displaced People Network
  • Cassinia Environmental
  • Archdiocese of Brisbane
  • Refugee Council of Australia
  • Rural Australians for Refugees
  • Welcoming Australia
  • Amnesty International
  • The Salavation Army
  • Catholic Mission
  • Embrace Sanctuary Australia
  • SSI
  • ECDC
  • BR4R
  • YouBelong
  • Pride Foundation
  • Shoshama Institute
  • MTC Australia
  • Australian Lutheran World Service
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What is a Supporting Community Organisation?

The Supporting Community Organisation (SCO) program is an initiative led by CRSA that offers a formal platform for organisations or businesses throughout Australia to participate in the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP).

Through the SCO program, these like-minded organisations have the opportunity to promote and increase awareness of the program and movement. Additionally, the program aims to support locally formed Community Supporter Groups (CSGs) in their efforts to provide practical assistance to refugees as they navigate the process of integration and settlement into their new communities. By joining the SCO program, organisations can play an integral role in helping CSGs to support refugees successfully integrate into Australian society, while also fostering greater community engagement and promoting social cohesion. 

You can read more about the values that underpins the community sponsorship movement here

Why should you become a supporting community organisation?

Help Address the Global Refugee Crisis

With over 110 million people displaced from their home countries due to war or persecution, there is a growing refugee crisis happening right now. By joining the SCO program, organisations can play an integral role in helping communities to support refugees successfully integrate into Australian society.

Develop Your Networks and Build Communities

As part of the SCO program, CRSA will provide opportunities for like-minded organisations to connect, collaborate and network through various events and conferences. We believe only through a community-centered approach can we effectively action the change that we want to see.

Partner with us in a way that works for you

We understand that every organisation operates differently and have a wide range of commitments. Therefore, we are not expecting the same level of contribution from everyone. Instead, we will work with you to discover the best way your organisation can partner with us to help deliver the CRISP program.

Stay up to date with new policy developments

CRSA will aim to provide your organisation with enhanced visibility when it comes to new policy development and opportunities in the the community sponsorship / complementary pathway ecosystem. We will endeavour to make sure you are kept up to date with the latest updates that is happening within Australia and Globally.

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CRISP provides a practical and tangible way for organisations to provide support for refugees. The Welcome Home Project is created to be a pathway for Christians to get involved and we strongly encourage other organisations to consider how they can use their unique role to mobilise their networks and join this movement.

James Harris, Director of Strategic Projects, NAYBA

Become a supporting community organisation today

What can Supporting Community Organisations help with?

Program Promotion

SCOs can assist CRSA through promotion of the CRISP program through their communication channels. CRSA will provide SCOs with a promotional toolkit such as a library of photos, design templates and video assets to assist with this endeavour.

Group Formation

SCOs may assist with the formation of local groups, and have the opportunity to collaborate with CRSA’s team to arrange and deliver information sessions to their communities.

Fundraising & Administration

SCOs may also provide support from a fundraising perspective. This could include providing assistance with organising fundraising activities and events, providing CSGs with access to venues, insurance, bank accounts or issuing tax deductible gift receipts.

Who are we?

Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia (CRSA) is an independent Australian charity leading in the establishment of programs that enable community sponsorship of refugees throughout Australia.

Our vision is to lead in encouraging, developing, and supporting programs that expand and improve refugee settlement in Australia by harnessing the generosity and goodwill of everyday Australians.

Community sponsorship is a ‘new way to say welcome’ to refugees arriving in Australia and now your organisation have the opportunity to take part!

Wonthaggi community