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Training for community groups

We have developed a comprehensive training package for community groups looking to offer practical support to refugee households in their local communities, based on a training package originally developed by international community sponsorship experts.

Training for community groups

Drawing from internationally recognised modules developed by our colleagues at the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, we have developed a comprehensive training package adapted for an Australian context to help prepare community groups to support newly-arrived refugees in their communities.

Over a series of self-paced and group learning modules, the training provides an opportunity for community groups to learn about:

  • The Global Community Sponsorship movement and its guiding principles including
    • Managing expectations
    • Considering culture
    • Considering power and agency
    • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Refugee experiences
  • Roles and responsibilities of community groups, refugee newcomers, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem
  • Group dynamics and communication
  • Working from a strengths-based and trauma-informed perspective

Upcoming training dates, June – August 2023

June July August

Tuesday 6th:

6pm – 9pm

Tuesday 4th:

6pm – 9pm

 Tuesday 1st:

6pm – 9pm

Saturday 17th:

10am – 1pm

Saturday 15th:

1pm – 4pm

 Saturday 19th:

10am – 1pm

Thursday 29th:

6pm – 9pm

Thursday 27th:

6pm – 9pm

 Thursday 31st:

6pm – 9pm

Please note:

  • All times are in AEST/AEDT (Melb/Syd/Can time)
  • All training sessions will be held online via Zoom
  • CRSA may cancel published sessions subject to registration numbers

Once we have received your intention to apply and as your group is screened, you will be invited to attend mandatory training to progress to the next stage of the program. This includes completing two self-paced modules on our LMS (learning management system) and attending one workshop as a group on Zoom (see dates above).

We hold training sessions to prepare groups for matching with refugee households on a regular basis. We ask that all group members attend the same session together as a group, so please discuss this with the rest of your group before registering for training.

Registration details and other relevant training information will be shared with you in due course as your application progresses.

National community of practice and ‘top up’ training

Community groups who have undertaken our training are invited to become part of a national community of practice that links them with similar groups around the country and overseas. This national network is offered additional ‘top up’ training throughout the year on topics of particular interest as well as opportunities to share and learn from other community groups through:

  • Online peer forums (one per month)
  • Digital platforms (e.g. Facebook groups)
  • Other ad hoc opportunities

Some of the topics covered through ‘top up’ training include:

  • Supporting people who have experienced torture and trauma
  • How to help individuals secure suitable employment
  • Recognising and dealing with domestic and family violence
  • How to support children and young people
  • How to navigate various government agencies and service providers
  • How to work with interpreters

Upcoming community of practice events

Date / Time Topic

17 May, 12pm

Services Australia – reporting employment income and accessing childcare subsidies

28 June, 7pm

Ending formal support


19 July, 12pm

Group dynamics and setting boundaries


20 August, 2pm

12 months of the CRISP – group sharing

20 September, 2pm

Education, training and skills recognition

18 October, 12pm

Domestic and family violence

15 November, 2pm


13 December, 3pm 

 Yearly wrap up and celebration


Please note:

  • We are currently revising the schedule. Dates are likely to remain as above, but please refer back to this page for changes. 
  • All times are in AEST/AEDT (Melb/Syd/Can time)
  • All sessions will be held online via Zoom
  • Registration to attend a session will be shared via the community of practice facebook group and via email each month 
  • CRSA may cancel or reschedule published sessions if necessary