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 What We Do

CRSA (Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia) is leading in imagining, developing and delivering new programs that enable everyday Australians to play a practical and empowered role in welcoming and supporting refugee newcomers.

National 'CRISP' Program

Interested in welcoming and supporting a refugee newcomer from their very first day in Australia? Learn more about the new Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP)

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CRSA's other programs

As well as the CRISP program, CRSA collaborates with Talent Beyond Boundaries and ran the successful Group Mentorship Program as a precursor to the CRISP.

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Training and community

As well as training individual groups to support refugees, we are connecting a movement of like-minded people who can share information, advice and their stories.

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Advocacy is a hugely important part of our work. We work with governments, international NGOs and others to help Australia build a bigger and better humanitarian migration program.

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