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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision: Australia offers more refugees opportunities to rebuild their lives in
safety here, with everyday Australians encouraged and empowered to provide a warm and supportive welcome into local communities. 

Our mission: To lead in encouraging, developing and supporting programs that expand and improve refugee settlement in Australia by harnessing the generosity, goodwill and social capital of everyday Australians.

Our values: Human kindness | Courage | Autonomy | Innovation | Trust

Our impact

On refugees

  • Refugees experience a sense of welcome upon arrival.
  • Refugees can access more resettlement opportunities in Australia.
  • Those with the most compelling resettlement/humanitarian needs are included and prioritised for resettlement.
  • Refugees are supported to fulfil their full aspirations as soon as they’re ready.
  • Refugees quickly develop strong ties in their local communities.
  • All generations of a refugee household receive holistic support, with flow-on benefits for future generations.


On communities

  • Local communities can express their desire to help and give in a way that responds to the global refugee challenge and enhances global equity.
  • Everyday Australians have greater exposure to individuals who have been forced to flee – their history, capacities and potential.
  • Local communities can choose to become a settlement location for refugees.

On Australia

  • Australia has new settlement tools that support a larger and sustainable humanitarian program, featuring cost contributions from both government and members of the community.
  • Australia is recognised as a global leader in refugee protection.
  • Refugees settle in a wide range of Australian locations, supporting a cohesive and multicultural society.
  • There is strong public knowledge of and support for Australia’s humanitarian migration program.
  • More members of Australian communities are actively engaged in refugee settlement.

Guiding principles for our work

  • We are non-partisan, positive and future focussed.
  • We build consensus and shared visions for the future to open up more opportunities for refugees.
  • We create a mutually enriching exchange between newcomers and established Australians. 
  • We celebrate refugee contributions and the role of community supporters.
  • Support of refugees respects refugee capacity, autonomy, agency and ability to make valuable contributions to Australia (‘strengths-based approach’) and takes into account the potential impact of trauma (‘trauma informed’).
  • Support of refugees is a group endeavour. Groups take a holistic approach and are trusted as effective and self-directing problem solvers.
  • Groups providing support to refugees are themselves well supported.
  • Our work and programs are informed by lived experience of refugees and Australian community members.
  • We seek to promote and uphold safety, equality and respect for all involved in our programs.
  • We are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Our values

We are a heart-centred organisation, powered by the goodness of people, community connections and mutual support. We are mindful of the experience of others and have compassion and empathy for all. We are all part of a global family; we work for a world where everybody has a safe home and a supportive community. 
Our belief in CRSA’s vision and commitment to our mission challenges us to be courageous and focussed on finding the best way to achieve our goals rather than ‘playing it safe’.
We collaborate with others as equals and celebrate the strengths of all of those who participate in our work. We treat all with fairness and respect and seek to empower all participants to fulfill their aspirations and potential. 
As aspirational change makers, we question the status quo, lead innovation in refugee settlement, and enjoy listening, learning and creative problem solving.
We trust in ourselves to create a powerful movement; in the community as creative problem solvers and sharers of knowledge; and in the strengths and talents of refugee participants. We are trusted by established members of the Australian community, refugee newcomers and government.