I’ve always wanted to do this!

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Posted to: Case studies

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years and years!

I was walking my dog on the beach and I ran into a woman, who had a family with her. I asked if the kids would be OK with the dog, and we got talking. She introduced herself and excitedly told me this was the family’s first morning in Australia: I was the first local (non-CRISP group) person they’d met, and this was their first ever trip to a beach!

Originally from Syria, they had arrived in Australia the day before under the CRISP program. She explained how she was supporting the family as part of their CRISP group and I said that’s exactly the sort of support I’ve always wanted to offer, but didn’t know how to begin!

She went on to invite a group of interested people around to her house a few months later and we formed another CRISP group! I’m honoured and excited that our group is now working to bring another Syrian family to the area. I’m thrilled that together we’re helping to start creating a community – and as a bonus we’ll learn  more about a new culture, and hopefully experience some new food delights.