Zara*’s Story

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Posted to: Case studies

“I fled Afghanistan with my family one year ago, when the Taliban took over the government. It was very strange in Australia – everything was new and there were a lot of challenges! I had been studying for a Bachelor of Economics in Kabul and I wanted to get into an education program here, but I was feeling totally lost.

Then we got a call from Shabnam at CRSA to ask if we were interested in receiving help from a local group of volunteers. I said that’s going to be wonderful and very helpful.

James* and his group helped us with everything! We found a free TAFE program and studying again made life feel more normal.

When I graduated six months later, James helped me get my CV prepared and through his network I got an interview and a job. I am so happy working there! They trust me to have access to the confidential information and systems that I need to do my work – I feel included in the team and the work that I do really matters. They all make me feel welcome and I feel that I belong to this community.

It’s hard when you arrive: you are not familiar with the culture, the environment, the language or the regulations. The group can help you get to know the city and with getting a better job or continuing studies. This help is so important for people who are newly here.”

* names changed for privacy