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Since 2020 mentor groups in the GMP have supported over 100 households, demonstrating that community is ready, willing and able to make sponsorship work in Australia.

Update: Group Mentorship Program

Thank you so much to everybody who was a part of making the Group Mentorship Program (GMP) a huge success.  Initiated in June 2020, the GMP scaled significantly during the Afghan evacuation and by December 2022 CRSA had mobilised more than 90 mentor groups around the country. Together we supported nearly 400 people, providing connection, practical support and friendship to mentees as they built foundations for their new lives in Australia.

GMP: a snapshot

Some statistics about the GMP

What happens next?

The GMP was developed as a proof of concept to show government and policy makers that a full Canadian-style ‘community sponsorship’ program could succeed in Australia. With the introduction of the new federal government Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP) the GMP has achieved its initial purpose and so much more – congratulations to all involved. Learnings from the GMP have been incorporated into CRSA’s work as it rolls out the CRISP. CRSA will now engage in a review and write up of the GMP model, its impact and potential future applications in the settlement landscape.

CRSA ceased accepting new applications for the GMP from 15 December 2022 and encourages new groups to instead consider the CRISP program.

FAQs for existing GMP groups

My group is actively supporting a household – do we need to do anything?

No, CRSA will continue to support you and your group over the remaining time of the mentorship. Once this comes to an end you will be able to consider whether the CRISP program is right for you. CRSA will continue to include you and your group in online events and learning opportunities as they arise.

My group is coming to the end of formal mentoring and was looking to be matched again in the GMP

In light of the decision to stop accepting new participants into the program from mid December onwards, we won’t be able to match you through the GMP. However, your experience is likely to have equipped you to participate in the CRISP and we would welcome (and encourage) your group’s engagement in that program.  This would mean being matched with a refugee household awaiting resettlement overseas and assisting them from ‘day one’ of their Australian settlement journey. 

My group is still waiting to be matched in the GMP

CRSA will continue to work hard to match each group currently in the program prior to 15 December. As we have mentioned previously, those of you who are based in regional or outer metro areas where there are limited opportunities to be matched we strongly encourage you to consider engaging in the CRISP, however, participation in the CRISP is indeed an option open to all groups trained through the GMP.

My group is still waiting to be matched in the GMP, but we are no longer in a position to be involved

We understand that sometimes circumstances change impacting the availability and capacity for groups to engage in a program such as the GMP and CRISP. Should this change and you’d like to re-engage, get in touch and we’ll discuss next steps when the time is right.