We’re proud of the community efforts that went into helping achieve 79 community supporter group commitments during the ‘100 groups in 100 days’ campaign. 

Our mission to foster more diverse, inclusive communities through community sponsorship continues. The CRSA team has made the decision to extend the date for our final tally to 31 August.  Get involved and help us get to 100!

Sunshine Coast News: Family of eight to arrive after 10 years in refugee camp, locals to help them settle in

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Posted to: News | Tags: , Originally published by: Sunshine Coast News

Sunshine Coast Refugee Friend Group are preparing to welcome a family of eight from the Demogratic Republic of Congo through Australia’s new community sponsorship program, the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP).

“We’re so excited to take positive, practical action to show the Australian community’s spirit and generosity to this family, who is escaping a situation of conflict and insecurity that is hard for many of us to even imagine,” says group member Andrew Merry.

The group will support the family for their first 12 months on the Sunshine Coast as they begin to find their feet in a new country.

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Originally published by Sunshine Coast News, 20 June 2023