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Disrupt Radio: New community sponsorship program “harnessing people power” to support refugees

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Posted to: News | Tags: , , Originally published by: Disrupt Radio

Hosts Libbi Gorr and Dr Matt Agnew of Enterprise Breakfast talk with Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia CEO, Lisa Button, about how Australians can practically show their support for people fleeing conflict.

“Our organisation is all about harnessing people power, and tapping into the instinct that people have,” says Button, “they see bad things happen, they want to help, and they want to help in meanigngful, hands-on ways”.

The Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP) offers a way for everyday Australians to respond to the refugee issue “by bringing the generosity, time, goodwill and know-how of private individuals and organisations to supplement governments’ efforts so that collectivley, as a whole of society approach, we can do more,” says Button.

Gorr and Agnew consider the global community sponsorship movement, learning that “it is an approach now thats spreading all over the world, there’s more than a dozen countries with these sorts of programs… because the benefits of it are so wide and powerful”.

“Everyone is seeking a good and happy and safe life,” says Agnew, “I think these are beautiful initiatives… everyone wants to help”.

Listen to the full segment (30:00 – 38:15)

Originally aired 11 October 2023 on Enterprise Breakfast, Disrupt Radio.