CRSA’s Statement of Commitment to being a Child Safe Organisation

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CRSA has zero tolerance of child abuse and is committed to actively working to ensure that refugee children who are welcomed to Australia through our programs feel safe and protected from abuse and are taken seriously if they raise concerns in relation to their safety and wellbeing.

CRSA’s programs impact the lives of refugee families and the community members who welcome and support them. CRSA is committed to promoting and protecting the best interests of children who are impacted by programs that CRSA delivers.  CRSA endorses the National Principles of Child Safe Organisations and will implement them to the extent that they apply to the role and operations of CRSA, noting that CRSA does not seek to deliver services directly to children.

CRSA seeks to ensure the safety and appropriateness of our own people, systems, processes and policies and also to educate and support local groups involved in welcoming and supporting refugee households through programs that we deliver.

This Child Safe Statement of Commitment applies to all officers, employees and volunteers who work directly for our organisation. In addition, CRSA seeks to embed key child safety principles in the work of local groups involved in programs that we deliver through mandatory screening, training and a Code of Conduct.

Further information can be found in CRSA’s Child Safeguarding Policy.

Last updated: 23 May 2023