Response to Afghanistan Crisis

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Posted to: News, Updates | Tags: , ,

CRSA has written to federal and state governments asking them to fast-track the launch of a community sponsorship program to support a new special intake of Afghan refugees, and we are busy spreading the word through traditional and social media.

You can help by writing to your local federal MP letting them know that you support calls for a special intake of Afghan refugees above our current humanitarian quota, and that everyday Australians are ready, willing and able to help if a new sponsorship program is put in place. If you belong to one of our mentor groups, you can share your insights from that experience.

If you’re interested in being involved in a future sponsorship program to bring refugees to Australia from overseas let us know by filling in this form.

We’re also accepting applications for the next intake of our Group Mentorship Program, which will match mentor groups with refugees already in the country, including evacuees who have arrived from Afghanistan in August 2021. Learn more here.