ABC Breakfast Radio: ‘CRISP’ member Sylvia Davey chats with Mim Hook about community refugee sponsorship

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“We think that we’re a really welcoming community. And we need to welcome people into the community.”

Sylvia Davey is part of the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP), and will be one of the first to provide settlement support for a newly-arrived refugee family.

On ABC Gippsland Breakfast Radio, she chats with presenter Mim Hook to discuss how her group, the Bass Coast Refugee Sponsorship Group, are getting ready to welcome a Syrian family into their community.

“Some of us were involved some 15 years ago sponsoring some families at that stage from Burma who were in Thai refugee camps. And they’re still in Wonthaggi. They’re part of our community, part of our extended family. And it’s been a real success story. So we’re hoping this time it will be another great success story for us.”

Access the transcript below to read about what it takes to sponsor a refugee family, and get involved by attending a Public Information Session.

Read the transcript of the full segment

This segment originally aired on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 on ABC Gippsland ‘Breakfast with Mim Hook’.