Looking for further information on refugee sponsorship/ mentorship?

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For those in Australia wanting to help welcome and support refugees

In early 2022 CRSA will be assisting the Federal government in the design of a new community sponsorship program for refugees known as ‘CRISP’ (Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot). If you’re interested in being involved in CRISP or finding out more, let us know by completing our Expression of Interest form and we will email you as soon as more information is available. You can also find out more by visiting the CRISP page on our website.

CRSA’s Group Mentorship Program also offers the opportunity to provide practical assistance to refugees already living in Australia. Please visit our Group Mentorship Program page to find out more. 

For refugees seeking assistance

Unfortunately CRSA is not currently able to respond to requests for sponsorship from refugees living overseas looking to migrate to Australia.

If you are a refugee seeking sponsorship to Australia and you know someone in Australia who can sponsor you, you may be able to participate in the ‘Community Support Program’ (CSP), which the government will become more affordable from July 2022. You can find information on the CSP on the Department of Home Affairs website here or contact one of the government contracted Approved Proposing Organisations (see list here). Refugees who are registered with the UNHCR may be invited to participate in the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP) announced by the government in December 2021. For more information  on this program visit  our CRISP program page

Hopefully you are also in touch with the UNHCR, who might also be able to help (see here for contact details).