ABC News: Refugee resettlement program offers hope of easing Australia’s crippling labour shortage

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Rachel Mealey (ABC News) covers the arrival of Syrain refugees Essam Mahmoud, Douaa Mardini and their two children through the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP), in the context of the current skill shortage in Australia.

“We are very grateful for the help. We have had the best support we could dream of”, says Mr Mahmoud.

Sara Gloede of Brunswick Heads, NSW organised a group of friends to become a local support group, helping the family find housing, school and employment opportunities.

“We thought if we could bring in a family who had hospitality skills, firstly it would be easy for them to get employment but it also helps with shortages in the region”, she says.

The CRISP program presents an opportunity for newly-arrived refugees to tap into the networks and knowledge of local communities, creating a more meaningful settlement experience as well as addressing skill and labour shortages.

“It’s about saying whoever you are as a refugee, you have something to offer Australia and with the support and knowledge of local community members, they can help you find the place where you can make those contributions,” says CEO Lisa Button.

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Originally published by Racheal Mealey, ABC News, 7 September 2022.


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