Guidelines for using the ‘Shout for Good’ platform to fundraise for your CRSA program group

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Posted to: Publications, Updates

Using the ‘Shout for Good’ platform to raise funds for your group to participate in a CRSA-led program is a convenient way to collect your group’s public donations in one place and enables your Australian-based donors to make donations that are tax deductible in Australia even if your group is not incorporated or is not a registered charity. People who donate through this platform will be instantly issued with a tax deductible receipt (for donations of more than $2) and groups won’t be charged processing fees for these transactions. Once your group reaches its stated fundraising target, it will be eligible to receive a grant of the same amount from CRSA to support its participation in CRSA’s community-led settlement programs.

The document available for download below includes:

  • Guidelines for using the ‘Shout for Good’ platform
  • CRSA’s Charitable Objects (Annexure A)
  • ‘Shout for Good’ Setup Instructions (Annexure B)
  • Grants Policy and Terms & Conditions (Annexure C)