Fundraising Guidebook for Community Supporter Groups

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This guidebook is for Community Supporter Groups involved in CRSA’s Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP). As part of the Community Supporter Group’s (CSG’s) role in supporting refugee households throughout their first 12 months in Australia, funds will need to be raised by the group prior to the arrival of the household to support this work. 

This guidebook covers:

  • Suggested timelines and avenues for fundraising
  • Tools and ideas for promoting and running a fundraiser
  • Guidelines and important information about using the Shout for Good platform to fundraise including:
    • CRSA’s grant terms & conditions and charitable objects
    • CRSA’s Shout for Good setup guide
  • Information on fundraising regulation by state/ territory


Community Supporter Groups are responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable laws or regulations with respect to fundraising and other group activities. The Guidebook provides links to government sites covering fundraising regulation by State/ Territory. Here are some more resources that explain some of the applicable rules in Australia with respect to fundraising:

Also, remember to read and consider the terms and conditions of any other fundraising platforms that you use (eg GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraising).