Fundraising Guidebook for Community Supporter Groups

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This guidebook is for Community Supporter Groups involved in CRSA’s Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP). As part of the Community Supporter Group’s (CSG’s) role in supporting refugee households throughout their first 12 months in Australia, funds will need to be raised by the group prior to the arrival of the household to support this work. 

This guidebook covers:

  • Suggested timelines and avenues for fundraising
  • Information about organisations who can support your CSG with fundraising
  • Tools and ideas for promoting and running a fundraiser
  • Information on fundraising regulation by state/ territory

Fundraising via the Shout for Good platform with the support of ANHCA:

CRSA’s primary fundraising partner is the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA). Through CRSA’a partnership with the ANHCA, CSGs can gain access to tax deductible gift receipts for their donors. 

Please visit to read their Fundraising Guidelines and email to notify ANHCA of your intention to fundraise via Shout for Good before setting up your Shout for Good fundraising page.

What if my group has already started fundraising on CRSA’s behalf via Shout for Good?

For CSGs who have already established a Shout for Good page using CRSA’s existing set up or who have notified CRSA of their intention to do this, no changes need to be made and CRSA’s existing Guidelines for using the Shout for Good platform (and associated Grant Terms and Conditions) still apply. 

For any group’s starting their fundraising journey from 28 September 2023 onwards please refer to CRSA’s Fundraising Guidebook available for download below. Please visit ANHCA’s website if you would like ANHCA’s support with raising funds via Shout for Good.

If you have any questions please get in touch at