Our vision

CRSA’s vision is to play a lead role in encouraging, developing and supporting the implementation of community-led programs in Australia that:

  • Harness and further develop the capacity of members of the Australian community to provide refugees with a warm welcome and high standard of settlement support, leading to strong social and economic integration outcomes
  • Foster connectedness, cohesion and community revitalisation in all Australian communities, including in regional Australia
  • Enable the time and resources of private Australian citizens, businesses, educational institutions and other organisations to be harnessed and ultimately expand the number of refugees who can rebuild their lives in Australia each year in addition to the government-funded resettlement program
  • Are accessible to refugees in most urgent need of resettlement and those seeking family reunification in Australia
  • Generate and promote positive public narratives about refugees in Australia and the capacity of the Australian community to welcome and support them
  • Maintain and build public support for humane and generous policies with respect to people seeking refuge in Australia, including a generous humanitarian migration program

How would Community Sponsorship work in Australia?

This diagram shows how sponsor groups would work with other organisations under the future community sponsorship model that we are hoping to see implemented in Australia, with support from the federal government. In the meantime, we are coordinating a ‘Group Mentorship Program’ that has some of the key features of the sponsorship model.

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