ABC News: Watch CEO Lisa Button discuss the new community sponsorship program on news special, ‘Displaced’

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Posted to: News, Videos | Tags: , , Originally published by: ABC

CEO Lisa Button joins Sarah Dingle to discuss how the new Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot, ‘CRISP’, gives the Australian public an opportunity to get involved in a growing global movement of community sponsorship.

“I think it’s not only the start of a new program, which for the first time is deliberately bringing together the broader community and refugee newcomers, in a way that will change the experience of arriving for so many refugees,” says Lisa.

“I think it will also change the dynamic in Australia and the conversation around refugees. When people come into contact with each other in the communities as human beings helping each other, working together at a local level, it really paves the way for a much more informed conversation about refugee challenges and a much more compassionate and empathetic one as well.”

Community Supporter Groups welcomed the first refugee families to arrive through the CRISP program in the last week of August, 2022.

Watch the full segment below (beginning 23:03).

Originally aired 31 August, 2022 on ‘Displaced: The Global Refugee Crisis” by ABC News.