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ABC News NSW: New community-led resettlement program provides year-long support to arriving refugees

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Posted to: News, VideosWatch time: 02:34 Originally published by : ABC

Ruby Cornish (ABC News) reports on the first refugee families to arrive through the new pilot program, ‘CRISP’ (Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot).

“We’ll be there really to help navigate all the various services, help them with enrolling the children into the local school, helping them find some long-term accommodation,” says CRISP supporter Shayne Davy. “But the essence of all of this really is about us helping, supporting, welcoming, embracing and allowing them to have a feeling and a sense of belonging.”

“Seeing you all here, I don’t feel like a stranger. I feel like this is my country” says Rouba Farrouh, as she is welcomed off the plane from northern Iraq after leaving her home in Syria over three years ago.

Ms Davy said taking action at a local level helped combat feelings of helplessness when confronted with the bigger picture.

“Sometimes it can feel quite overwhelming when we see what’s happening worldwide … But at this level it’s just something tangible,” she said. “As a community group, just a group of ordinary Australians, we can make a difference.”


Visit our website to find out more about the CRISP program.

Presented by Ruby Cornish, ABC News NSW. Originally aired 28 August, 2022